Monday, April 30, 2012

Another cardbox

Last summer my BFF asked me to try my hand at making her the cardbox she wanted for her wedding. I did and it turned out better than I thought I could get it to look. I blogged about it back then, too.

I guess I did a really great job because I was asked to make another one like it. A very good friend of mine from college requested one for her nuptials this June. She liked a lot about the original one I did and was pretty open to the design-she told me I could do what I wanted. It just had to be pink and black.

I began looking around online for some inspiration pictures so I could change up the original box a little bit. This friend is such a fashionable, modern yet timeless kind of girl. I mean, she always had the most chic dormroom in my opinion. This was a girl who used to dress up on Halloween as her icon: Audrey Hepburn and she looked fabulous doing it. I knew this box had to be great.

I used the same damask print in black and white on only two of the boxes. The middle box I made solid black so I was able to incorporate the pink on it. I also spray painted the box tops this time so they had a shny/glossy finish to them. I was afraid that the paint would warp or peel the papier mache boxes but they are still perfect and I love the way the black glistens :) I made the flowers myself out of satin and left the top blank this time. These flowers are what I would think of if my friend were a flower....the whole thing suits her and the 'feel' of her wedding to a 'T'. These boxes seem to get more detailed as I go along but I get better with each one I complete!


Marisa said...

They turned out really pretty. I found you on Someday Crafts and I am a new follower. Stop by and visit.

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