Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Cupcakes

I haven't been doing much 'magic' lately outside of making sure two children survive each day and get their basic needs met. Well unless you count not drowning in laundry magic :) But, I do have a few things that I am hoping to blog about soon.

Starting now.

I asked my mom to let me provide Easter dessert. She does a fancy brunch and when my siblings leave to be with their 'other sides' they come home with us (my 'other side' is out of state) and we do a much lower key dinner. I found these adorable cupcakes on Pinterest and made some changes to make them less time consuming for me. I decided to do this at 9:00 the night before Easter when I was exhausted and kicking myself for stretching myself too thin for the weekend :)

Here is the link to the instructions. And, her blog is amazing! Check out more than just this recipe. I bookmarked the whole thing instead of just the one link!

And, here is my version of the cutest dessert ever...

The kids loved my cupcakes and even a few of the adults indulged. I think they came out great and was really proud of myself.

Instead of the mini chocolate chips I took mini brown m&m's and flipped them over so the 'm' didn't show. Instead of piping on a beak I went through my sprinkle stash and found a container of black and orange large circles. I bought them and only needed the black ones so I was lucky to have a bunch of ornage ones left. I snapped one in half and put both pieces, broken side down, in the frosting and it looks just like an open beak. I also didn't add any feet or wings to mine and I think they are just fine without them.

The only problem with these is I still have about six of them left and they are staring up at me every time I walk through my kitchen...very hard to resist :)


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