Monday, June 25, 2012

Adding two feet to my living room :)

I've finally gotten around to this little project. It only took me six months. Three months to (find time to) make it and three months to (find time to) hang it

I could have sworn I have showcased this idea before since I made one for my daughter two years ago. But, if you can find the old post, good for you :)

I have a huge wall in my living room that was designated for portraits of my children.

Emphasis on huge. And mostly empty with only two children.

I came up with this idea to fill in the space around the pictures.I have no idea when I made my daughters since I didn't write anything on it. I THINK it was somewhere around three months so that is when I did my son's.

And, then I wrote the date on the back.

Each frame cost $1 each since they are Salvation Army finds that I spray painted black to go with my living room. My daughter being the girl has pink scrapbook paper and my son therefor has blue. I'm traditional.

I originally wanted to do an actual print of each hand and foot. The foot was so easy but have you ever tried to make a handprint of an infant?? Hard! So each hand was just traced while they slept and cut out.

Such beautiful and cute keepsakes :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Candy Arrangement

I made this for Father's Day but in reality it could be given for any type of occasion.

I wanted to give my husband something on the actual day of Father's day. I told him about his big gift a week prior since he began talking about it. I only had one idea for a gift and I didn't want to disappoint him if he wanted to pick something out for himself. So, I told him we would go to the store together and he could choose a new radio for our boat. He was pretty excited.

Still I wanted something for our daughter to give him on the morning of his day. I went to the Dollar Store and came home with the makings of an inexpensive gift.

My husband doesn't like many sweets but I got him some stuff that I've seen him munch on before. I also bought a bag of shredded paper filler. Yes, you could make this part yourself but I didn't want to! I already had the flower pot, styrofoam and those are wooden skewers I use for shish kebabs down at the bottom of the picture.

With a little bit of hot glue I attached the skewers to the candy (after measuring and cutting the skewers); the jolly ranchers and lemonheads got two skewers each. Stick them into the styrofoam, fill in with the shredded paper, add a sentiment or message and there you have it. Very inexpensive and incredibly fun!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Ready to meet Minnie Mouse!

Well, we don't leave for our Disney vacation for another two months but I am so happy to be knocking out some of the Disney projects I wanted to make for our adventure.

I just finished this one this morning. I started it yesterday while my mom was here-she brought my two nieces to play and told me to do whatever I wanted while she watched the kids. Yay craft time!!!

This is a semi-homemade outfit that I made out of a white t-shirt ($3 at Target) and a pair of black shorts ($2.44 at Wal-Mart). I also bought fabric at Hobby Lobby when it was on sale for $4 and used half a yard.

I cut a 8" x 36" piece of fabric for the bottome of my shirt. Oh yeah, I cut the bottom of the shirt off about an inch and a half below the armhole. Back to the red fabric...I ironed about 1/2 inch of one long side down for my hem and then sewed it. I sewed the two short ends together-wrong sides facing-to make a big loop. I then basted along the top and pulled my thread to get it to gather. Once that was done I attached it to the bottom of my shirt.

Let me try to walk you through this is case you are really bad at picturing in your head how to make things come out the right way....

I laid my shirt down, right side out. I turned my gathered red fabric 'inside out' so the wrong side was facing me. I then put it around the bottom of my shirt so the gathered end was against the bottom (now cut-off) end of my shirt. The hem of the red fabric was pointing toward the collar of the shirt. Still with me??? I pinned them together and carefully sewed.

Make sure you aren't so excited to be getting so much done and so well that you forget a step here. Make sure that the side seam of your red fabric meets up with the side seam of your shirt. :) Otherwise you will have a seam running down the front of your shirt. Thank goodness my mom was here and offered to rip the stitches out for me so I could do it again. Rookie mistake that I learned long ago and have no idea where my head was yesterday!

After that was in place and incredibly cute I decided to try something I had never done before. A freezer paper stencil. From some of the posts I have read about them, people seem to make these sound so difficult. I was scared for nothing.

I took a small piece of freezer paper and using a bottle of acrylic paint for the head and a quarter for the ears I traced a Mickey Mouse silhouette. I cut out my stencil from the freezer paper and with the waxy side down I ironed it to my shirt. I blotted some paint on there and easy peasy....not scary at all.

After the paint was dry I peeled the paper off and was so very happy :) Isn't that white bow the shirt came with just adorable?

I used the same concept of adding the red fabric to the shorts. Except the fabric was 18" x 4" for each leg hole.  I made a bow out of ribbon that I had leftover from our Minnie Mouse birthday party and hand sewed it to the shirt. i topped it with the ears I made her for the same party and she was so excited to try it on. The only problem I had was chasing her around the (messy) house to try and snap a picture! I can't wait for our dinner with Mickey and Minnie!