Friday, April 8, 2011

More Easter Decor

I finally found some spare time and crafted a few more things for Easter. Our house looks so festive and  spring-y now :) If only the weather on the outside would cooperate now.

I never host Easter dinner or brunch or anything. I never usually get to host any holidays really since my mom and sister 'claimed' them years before I had a house of my own. I'm not complaining though. I've hosted Thanksgiving ONE time and I don't ever need to do anything like that ever again. Still, I like to have festive touches here and there and especially on my dinin room table. I saw a picture of this online or in a magazine-somewhere. I did not come up with this all on my own. I've had this glass cube for ages and I love the versatility of it. I got the candy at Dollar Tree. One bag of jelly beans and two packs of Peeps (8 in a pack) and then added some of the million plastic eggs I had. I want to put real flowers in the middle but haven't gotten any yet so I stuck some silk ones in there. I like it :)

 This guy finally has some company...

I made the cloche from a covered cheese plate I foud at SA for $2 and glued it to a wooden candlestick also found at SA for $1. Glued them together and sprayed them...$3 of cuteness! I didn't make this one specifically for Easter. I'll keep it out in my kitchen all the time and just change up what's inside. It's the second one I've made for my house and I may be obessed with this one now...

I also made that nest in there. I bought two different kinds of moss at Dollar Tree and a three pack of small glass bowl as well. I covered the outside of one of the bowls with spray adhesive and stuck one kind of moss all over it. WARNING...this is SO messy! After it dried completely I flipped it right side up and sprayed the inside and stuck the other kind of moss on the inside. Again, $3 of cuteness! Not even since I didn't use all $3 worth of supplies! I removed the dowels from my last two egg picks and put them in there for now. I think I may keep this out after Easter and replace the Easter eggs with ones that look like true bird eggs.

Now we just wait for the Easter Bunny!


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