Sunday, April 10, 2011

Frilly Apron

My BFF's bridal shower was this past Saturday. I ended up buying her the bakeware she registered for. I have the same exact set and it comes packaged in the plastic cake carrier as a plus. I also bought enough fun sprinkles and pretty cupcake wrappers to fill a shoebox. I know she loves to bake and get creative with it so I figured it was a perfect gift. I really like to either make gifts or at least make a part of them myself. With this gift I figured an apron would be perfect. I wanted it to be really girly. I had seen some retro looking ones that were very feminine looking and fun but were a lot of $$$ for something you wear with the purpose of gettng it dirty. I had all of the material leftover from other projects so this didn't even cost me anything. I don't know how long it took me either since I worked on it here and there for a few days.

I made it all by guessing too! I didn't use a pattern but rather made my own. I measured and cut pieces out of newspaper to see how they would look on a person and with each other then trimmed or added on. My BFF is very petite. I mean super skinny and shorter than me...I'm 5'4". If she weighs 100 pounds soaking wet I would be surprised! So, I was able to make this one to fit her frame better.

I used velcro on the neck strap so she has a lot of room to adjust. The ruffles are just 3 inch scraps that I ironed in half and then sewed a straightstich down the middle. I carefully ruffled them by pulling the end threads and then attached them to the top. I did this step last.
She seemed to get a kick out of it and even tried it on at the shower after she opened it. I of course forgot my camera so there are no pictures of it on a person and these are the best I could come up with before I wrapped it!


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