Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lace Flower Headband

I love finding things out in stores and then saying "I can make that". I also love all the fun headbands that are 'In' right now. I have actually broke down and bought several of my favorite ones from the stores without trying to make them myself. This one I made is SOOOOO simple. I actually found spools of wide lace in those bargain bins at Joann's months ago. For $2.50 each I bought a white one and a antique-y dirty white looking one I think I have made four of these so far and I still have a bunch of lace left.

 I started by cutting two circles of  felt (I used black) to my desired size (they should be the same size) and then used my glue gun to attach the lace. I started on the outer edge and worked my way in. Once the circle was filled in with lace I cut the lace off the spool and folded the end in on itself and glued it down in the middle of the flower. I added a pearl in the center of mine but I did three pearls in the center of another one and I loved the way that looked too. Then I attached it to the headband. Mine is one of those thin stretchy ones that go all the way around your head. I glued the flower to the headband and then glued the other circle of felt to the backside of the flower. I sandwiched the headband between the two cirlces, to make it make more sense. I love how I can wear this with jeans everday or when I get all dressed up.


Anonymous said...

This is really cute. I love the lace, very classic =) x

LrSchwtz said...

This is so pretty! I'd love for you to share it at my Share the Wealth Wednesday Link Party at

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