Monday, March 28, 2011

Wedding Card Box

My BFF is getting married this summer and I am so happy for her. We have been friends since we started high school. We went to an all girls, Catholic high school together and were next to each other for everything. Quite literally. My maiden name started with SL and hers starts with an SK so we had lockers next to each other all four years and sat together whenever we were in home room. She was in my wedding two years ago and I am so happy to be in her wedding in a few months. About a week ago I was surprised and excited to see she was video calling me on Skype. While we talked she linked me to some pictures of a card box she liked. After looking at several differetn designs she liked on ETSY I told her not to worry about it and I would make it myself. She was looking at boxes just like the one I made and they were $55 or more plus about $20 or more to ship it to her! I told her I would take over from her and it would cost less. She gave me $30 for the whole thing but I may have spent a bit less than that even. I know I would have spent less had I waited for things to be on sale and for more coupons but I needed to get it done. I bought everything at JoAnn's during their friends and family sale weekend and used my25% off my total order coupon. I bought MUCH more fabric than I thought I needed..I only used 2 feet on this one! The boxes were the next big purchase. I had to get the five piece set since I needed a 14 inch and they don't sell those separately. At least not that I saw. So, I got two boxes I didn't need but I am sure I will eventually use them. Based on the number of people she is expecting to be at the wedding and the number of cards she may get I used a 14 inch, 12 inch and 10 inch box. She chose the fabric based on one of her inspiration pictures and then another picture showed solid black lids and she liked that too. I used a simple plain black craft paint so it isn't shiny or glossy or anything. She also liked the look of a bow on top so I bought a 5 inch wide satin ribbon and made a bow. It is wired which I don't particularly care for but it can be perked right up if it gets smooshed or anything too. I went and pulled out my wedding cards (yes they are saved in a keepsake box) and found three different size ones. A square musical card, a extra large card and a slightly larger than average one. I made sure they all fit in the slot and cut it out to be 2x8. I also cut all the box bottoms and lids BEFORE I painted them so I wouldn't paint anything I wouldn't use in the end anyway. They are all glued together with a hot glue gun and my friend is really happy with it. I didn't glue down the lid of the biggest box so she could still get the cards out. I LOVE how this looks and am thinking of starting to offer this service to some other brides I know ;)
 Please excuse the bad photos...I finished it at night and wanted to take the pictures so I could send them to the bride...


Kristie Lorlean Designs said...

This is SUCH a cute idea! I love it.

Elizabeth said...

That is so pretty. And I love the damaske pattern. Great idea.

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