Monday, March 28, 2011

A baby for my baby brother

My little brother is going to be a father in a few weeks. I find this hard to believe since I have always thought of him as my 'baby' brother....he is only four years younger than me but he always had three mothers with our own mom and my sister and I jumping in as well :) The three of us hosted a shower for him and his wife this past weekend and they seem to be close to ready in terms of baby gear now. When I started thinking about their gift I had NO idea what to give them. I decided upon buying them the diaper bag they wanted and then filling it with goodies. I also decided to make all the goodies myself and they were so pleased with them and everyone at the shower seemed impressed when my sister told them that I made everything.

Their diaper bag is amazing. I know this because I have the same one. For about a week we had to make sure that this thing was out of the way while I was working on it. More than once my husband went to go grab this one on the way out the door...would not have been a good thing :) I made them the two NUK tethers by simply sewing some ribbon onto a suspender clip and then sewing velcro on the other end. I figured out how to do this after losing yet another $5 pacifier tether that we had bought. Much cheaper to do it on my own and I can choose my own design as well.

I made the sippy cup leash by following a tutorial on Make It and Love It. I really did like how this turned out and it was super easy!

 Next, I bought a three pack of good quality onesies from Carter's. I spent about $10 on the set but I wanted them to be nice and thick and I wanted at least one pink one :) Plus, these already had the little bow attached at the collar so I wouldn't have to add anything. I used Velveteen fabric paint after seeing it used for a different project online. I found three different sized round items (pen end, end of a dowel and the end of a foam paint brush) dipped them in the paint and then dotted them on the onesie to make different size and patterned necklaces. It became 'velvet' by simply holding my iron, on the steam setting, about an inch above it. I really like the added texture and dimension it gave them in the end.
 This is a little diaper clutch for a few diapers and wipes to go in and they can grab it out of the bag and go if they don't want to carry the whole bag with them to the bathroom when they are out. I added the handle and used some old fabric I had leftover from something else so I didn't really have to spend on this one :) I used the tutorial I found on Lemon Squeezy Home. Hers looks much better but I was ok with mine and think I may try it again for a friend who is currently expecting. Once again, this was so easy to follow and complete. I love when that happens :)

 I made these bibs by tracing one of my daughters bibs!  I used one of her smaller bibs from early on in life and traced it on some newspaper. I then made sure to cut around the outer edge of the line to be sure to make it big enough and to provide for my seam allowance. The front is flannel and the backs are terrycloth. I used velcro instead of snaps or buttons because that is what I prefer in a bib clasp. And, it is also the easiest for me to do.
 I made these matching burpcloths to go with them. Again, flannel on the front, terrycloth on the back. I cut them I think at 7x14. I sewed them twice, once with right sides together and then again once I flipped them and they were wrong sides together. I like how finished it makes it look.
 I also made burb cloths this way. I found this tutorial at Create Studio and bookmarked it a long time ago. It wasn't as easy I thought it looked but I am not a veteran sewer and have never taken a class on it either. My mom taught me a little bit and then I have been teaching myself how to do more than sew a hem :) In the end I didn't add ribbon to them all and I still think they looked good. I used the same three flannel fabrics and added two more plain cotton ones since I had five diaper burp cloths to use.
I loved being able to gift them homemade items and I think they were happy to get them. Now, I can hardly wait to meet my newest niece!


Sarah said...

These turned out great! I really like the idea of the sippy cup leash! I'll have to check that one out too. Glad you enjoyed my tutorial.
-Sarah from Create Studio

Abby said...

Super cute! Homemade gifts always mean more I think.

emilysnan said...

hiya , great ideas and tutorials ,congrats on your impending niece/nephew , tfs , i am visiting from someday crafts and am your newest follower maybe you will pop by mine and follow too

Mao Mao said...

Lovely stuff, your niece will look fab on those onesies!

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