Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Going to the birds

My husband is an outdoors-y type of guy. We live on a lake and he fishes all summer. He used to go hunting every year too. He also points out every type of bird he sees wherever we go. He knows alot about nature, animals and all things outside. When I moved into this house after we got married every room had a outdoor-ish/nature vibe going on in it. Our main bathroom was no exception. On one wall was a framed painting of a polar bear. Cute, but it came down. On another wall was a painting of a soaring eagle. Nice and patriotic, but it came down. Above our toilet is a painting of two golden retrievers. Adorable and it is waiting to come down :) The shower curtain has a cabin/hunting/bear and moose theme to it and since it is the only tub in the house I let that one stay. For now.

I wanted something new and fresh and springy for the countertop near the sink. I used to have a candle with a hurricane over it but it was just too plain, simple and frankly boring for me. I tried keeping the hurricane and filling it with things but the shape it is made it too hard. Everything I tried to put in there looked odd unless I filled it all the way to the top. When I did that, something usually stuck slightly out of the top of the hurricane and got in the way of our mirror/medicine cabinet when you opened it. My husband got tired of forgetting about that hazard really quick.

I have seen so many bird statues and figurines out in stores lately and for some reason I am obsessed with them. The bright shiny colors, the sleek lines and shape. I don't know what it is. Since the bathroom already has an outdoor feel to it I decided to play on that but make it much more chic-er. I have seen birdhouses all over blogland lately but since I have that height restriction I couldn't just attach one to a candlestick or other such apparatus. I decided to make it all myself.
  The birdhouse was $4.99, the wooden square was .59 and the wooden spool was .79. Total cost was just over $6.

I found this little guy at the Dollar Tree and knew with the right spray paint he would look as wonderful as all of those other birdy decorations I have come to love. Plus, he wouldn't cost so much either!
I glued all three wooden pieces together, primed and then sprayed them in a light green. After they were dry I also roughed up all the edges and 'seams' to look a bit weathered. My bird friend got a lot priming and painting too. I also finished him off with a pearl enamel to make him shimmer.

I really like the new look in my bathroom :)


Sybillinart said...

I like having nature related in my house! Your project is pretty!

Lauren {Land of Douglas} said...

Cute project! I found you on Sisters' Stuff Linky Party.

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