Monday, March 14, 2011

C marks the spot.

While 'Little Miss C' was still our 'C-baby' I wanted to make a personalized something for her bedroom door.

Once more I found myself at Salvation Army looking for treasures. I had gotten a glittery foam 'C' at Joann's a while back for next to nothing so that would be my base. I found a $2 wooden picture frame at SA with a floral print in it. I took it home and discarded the glass...more on that at the end.I removed the mat and floral print and worked with just the cardboard backing. I sprayed the frame with yellow spray paint, attached a fun piece of scrapbook paper to the cardboard backing and affixed my foam 'C' to it so it would be 3-D like. I took some white ribbon I already had on hand and made a cute hanger with a bow for it. This is the end result and it cost me about $3 to make and only took about 10 minutes total not including drying time!
I don't hae a picture of it hanging because it took my husband about 4 months to put a nail in the door for me :)
Now, if you do ever try something like this here is my unsolicited advice. If you can't figure out what to do with the glass from the frame and you just want to pitch it, when you discard it please, please, for the love all that is right, please put it in a box or something sturdy BEFORE putting it in your garbage can. And take the time to walk it out to the garage or wherever the big cans are and not put it right in your kitchen garbage can. If you don't, you may take some extra time to run to urgent care after you finish your project. Then, you'll come home and look like this:
I still have an ugly scar but you can bet I am more careful when crafting though. You can also bet that I am now afraid of my garbage can when I go to put something in it and push stuff down to make more room :)


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