Monday, October 15, 2012

Homemade Treat Bag

For my daughters very first Halloween she was 9 months old. That year I made her her very own Halloween treat bag and we've used it every year. Well, my husband is the one to carry it really. She carries a smaller pail and he empties that  out after a few houses so it isn't too heavy.

And, because I do for one child, I will always do for the rest. It's a middle child syndrome kind of thing. If you aren't a middle child I doubt you'd understand it. If you've never wondered why you were the only child in the family NOT named after a family member you'd never understand. My parents set me up for this complex :) They really did love me and still do-even when I complain about being the middle child.

My son will celebrate his first Halloween this year and he will be 10 months old. ,And because he is the only boy in my family (one sister and three girl cousins) I wanted to do something very boy-ish. After thinking it over and over and over I decided I wanted to use bats somewhere in the project. And, I was going to paint it on there with a freezer paper stencil. This was only my second attempt and thankfully my second success. I don't have a cartridge for my cricut with bats on it so I cut this out by hand. MY hand. With just an exacto knife. Grrrrr.

You can see near the top peak on each side of the "M" where my cutting got a little skewed. Those aren't supposed to be blobs. They are supposed to look like bones. The font is one I found for free online weeks ago. It's called 'bikerbones'. I thought it looked and sounded masculine enough.

I used simple black craft paint and left some spots not completely darkened to give it a worn, edgy kind of look. Did it work?? Do you see it? I of course gave it a quick shot of the hot iron to set it and hopefully it's now permanent.

I added some halloween ribbons and fabric scarps tied at the handle just because it was bothering me how stark white it looked. I like it but I am sure someday my man willl take them off before heading off for treats.

I think it's great and the best part about it is it looks pretty much like I imagined it in my head!
Don't you love when that happens?

I will be working on the little man's costume this week and hopefully will have it posted next week...I'd love for you to stop back in to see it!


Rochelle @Home Sweet Homebodies said...

That's a good idea! And I'm impressed that you cut those by hand... Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words!

Shannah @ Just Us Four said...

Your bags are super cute! I love the idea of a handmade treat bag for kids to use year after year. Such a sweet idea.

Ami Allison said...

How cute!! I think the M's look fine! I gotta say, being the oldest definitely has it's disadvantages too!! I have the "everyone is looking up to me, what would they think" syndrome! LOL Thanks for stopping by and leaving that sweet comment. :)

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