Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cookie Monster themed Birthday Party

Our Little C-baby turned one recently. I credit her with my craft addiction coming back. I gave birth to her and whammo! I am visiting Joann's at least once a week to try something new.

I wanted her birthday party to be extraordinary but of course it couldn't break the bank. About six months (yes, I am a planner) before the party I chose the theme "C is for cookie C is for C-baby"...yes, we did use her real name. I began buying things and filing ideas away. It all paid off! The party was cuter than I ever imagined it could be.

First, I bought everything in blue. This is tough to do when all of the party supply companies are telling you that your daughter's 1st birthday MUST be in the color pink. I went to the Dollar Tree and Wal-Mart and got blue plates, napkins, cups, silverware and tablecovers. I did pick up some clear silverware and a pack of rainbow striped napkins to throw in some non-blue elements too.

All of the decorations and little bits I made myself. I made some blue pom-poms a la Martha's tutorial and hung them from the cieling.

I made cupcakes for the kiddies and displayed them on my cupcake stand that I decorated with blue tulle. I also made a whole bunch of different kinds of cookies for dessert and everyone got a goodie bag of cookies to take home. I loved following my theme. Oh, and cookie crisp cereal was what I used to decorate the cupcakes and smash cake. I had a blue feather boa that looked somewhat muppet-ish so I threw that on the table too.

The morning of her one year picture shoot I decided she needed name blocks. I had found a box of wooden 'counting blocks' at a montessori school closing sale a few months ago so I used those and some scrapbook paper that matched her outfit all cut out using my Cricut. I lef them out for the party too.  Don't you love the artwork above our mantel? This is in our basement , don't worry.
I also made that happy birthday banner using my Cricut Personal. I orginally was going to stick to the theme and use blue and brown paper but decided I could get more use out of it this way. I punched holes in each piece and strung some twine through them, taped it on the back and tied coordinating ribbon in between each letter.

I did something fun for the kids cups and they were a hit! I bought plain blue cups and googly eyes at the dollar store and glued them on with a black cardstock mouth and look who we have!

Below is my last piece of creativity I documented. I simply found pictures of cookie monster online, printed them and mounted them on cardstock-blue of course. I glued that to a large craft stick that I wrapped a pipe cleaner around. The Number 1 and the C are all made with my Cricut and I glued those on to craft sticks as well. I stuck the leftover tulle from the cupcake stand into a tall square vase and this was the centerpiece of our buffet table.


Drew Watts said...

Ooh! Nice post! I can actually take ideas from here for my son’s birthday party. I am thinking of booking an open to sky party venue so that they can enjoy doing some activities as well. I was also planning a themed party, this will be a fun party to have. Thanks for posting!

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