Monday, November 26, 2012

Snowman Invites

Last year my son was born 9 days before Christmas. I decided way back then that for his first birthday I would theme his party "Winter ONE-derland". Yes, not very original, I know. And, yes I have been planning it for the entire year. The best part about it is that I was able to buy snowman/snowflake items after Christmas for at least 50% off! I have my napkins, cups, treat bags, plates-most of the important players for a rockin' party. I just have a few decorations I plan to make and I will fill the rest in with color coordinated pieces and we are all set.

I always like to make my invitations. If not I at least like to design them and then upload them as a picture. I came up with this idea after much thoughtful consideration. That, and I had designed so many invites that just weren't what I had envisioned. It wasn't coming together. So, I decided to build my own snoman. Out of white cardstock. And connected with tiny pieces of ribbon. Then I drew the faces on myself. And, added a cute paper scarf for something extra :)
They fold up neat and cute to fit in the envelopes too!
I'd love for you to come back and see what other projects I have in the works for this big event! I wouldn't even mind if you started following me-just to make sure you don't miss anything :)


Christine - Tutorial Addict :) said...

What a CUTE idea! Love the invites! Happy birthday to your son from another Christmas baby, Dec. 18th ;-)

Lisa said...

hi Monica! so happy to have found your blog thru your comment on my blog :) i see you have a lot of really cute posts like this snowman invite! i'm your new GFC-yahoo!

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