Monday, November 12, 2012

I spy Christmas ornaments

I may or may not have made these for all three of my little nieces and my children for Christmas this year. I'm also thinking about going out and getting more to make them for my older niece and nephew. :)

I started with large clear ornaments. Yes, they are plastic. When I showed my husband these after I was done the first thing he asked me was "those aren't glass are they?' Yes dear, I am planning on giving five children under the age of 6 a glass ball to play with. I'm that smart :)I found my ornaments at Michael's. Theirs are cheaper than Jo-ann's. The big ones I bought at Michaels are $1.99-a whole dollar cheaper than Jo-Ann's! And, if you use a coupon it's even cheaper!

Michaels is where I also bought all of the little trinkets to go inside of them. Some of my items are foam stickers (don't remove the backing), others are meant to go on tiny Christmas trees, some are charms I found near the christmas crafts and ribbon, the rest are actually buttons. Like sew on your shirt buttons! So incredibly cute! And, they all fit perfectly in the opening of the ornament. I  bought my epsom salts at the drug store. A hug milk carton of them on sale for $4. Anyone have any other recommendations for the rest of them??? I printed off a specific list of what to look for in each one and attached it like a gift tag. Add a pretty Christmas bow (not on my son's though!) and you have the cutest little gifts that are alos bunches of fun

I used my Cricut to add the names with cheap-o contact paper. I've never bought the real vinyl you're supposed to use for crafts. You know, the $9.99 stuff? I'd be afraid to make a mistake of it. I have 30 feet of contact paper in green and red for $2.99 each. Works for me! There's my free tip for the day :)

Well, I lied. I have some more free tips for this project:
Hot glue the tops onto the ornaments. They were kind of loose once I took them off and then put them back on. I didn't want to risk these spilling at someone else's house once I gifted them. Or spilling at my house knowing my children :)
Also, dab the tiniest bit of glue in the  holes in the top of the ornament topper. The holes where the hanger goes into the metal cap. Those two teeny, tiny holes CAN let some of the salts escape if shaken. I'm so glad I played with these for a while when I took my pictures!

What can you spy??
Now for your opinion: would you give these to a 13 year old and 10 year old? I have heard talk of how they used to love the "I spy" type books. Maybe? Maybe not?


Jessie said...

Hi there! I just came over from the Tell Me Tuesday blog hop. I just Love this idea! I know what I'm doing for my niece and nephews.
Now following you!

Monica said...

So cute! We made them as jars and with bird seed instead 10+ years ago but I might do these ones soon. Thanks for sharing, love the tips!


Kathy Penney said...

I absolutely love these! I am going to make them for my toddler's class. Wonderful idea.

Samantha said...

I love these! Thanks for sharing. And to answer your question - I would. But I love ornaments and would've enjoyed something like that to keep with me once I was grown and gone for my own grown up tree.

Liz said...

what a great idea! they add so much color and interest! my kids would love these!!!

WTFab said...

Love these! Would love it if you linked up on my blog hop Also let me know if you'd like to follow each other! said...

I like this idea so much that I pinned it, and I will be sharing it on my Facebook Page later this week. Feel free to stop by and grab a featured button.

These would entertain my kids for a very long time!

Michelle@Somedaycrafts said...

Such a great idea. My kids would love these. I am featuring this at

Kathleen at Rose Prairie said...

II love this idea and also pinned it

la petite lulu said...

These are awesome! All the little bits and pieces inside were such a great idea, they'd make a lovely present! I know my son would find them fascinating to look at.

Teresa said...

I love this idea and will be doing it for my son's class as part of their holiday party activity. I'm curious which Cricut cartridge you used for the letters....Do you mind sharing? I really love how the name came out on the ornament. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Love your idea! Yes, I would do this for all ages. It would be fun all round. I am going to do this for the nieces and nephews this year! My family is excited to help put them together! We are going to add some personal items to each one to make it more special :) - Maria

Loves Blue said...

Love this idea--never would have thought of using Epsom Salts either. Thanks! I have grandchildren who would love these! :)

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