Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Our Christmas Card

I love to get Christmas cards in the mail.

But, I love, love love it when they are photo cards! Which mean I in turn always try to send a photo card.

Last year since it was the first year we had our daughter we did family portraits and used that for our card. It was a hit.

This year since I would be nine months pregnant come Christmastime I was not about to put my picture on a card and send it to everyone we know. Call me crazy.

I like to use the paper cards that have the frame slot on the front that you slide an actual photograph into. That way the grandma's and anyone else can just remove the picture after the holidays and still display it without having to display our whole Christmas card. In fact I am pretty sure that last year's picture ended up being framed by most of our family after the holdiay's had passed.

I try and buy my cards the year before at the after Christmas sales and I scored big at Target last year. I bought several boxes of really nice, shabby chic-like Christmas cards for less than $3 a box.  And, because I already had then I was able to work on them well before Thanksgiving so they were ready to mail right after Turkey day and before I got too worn out and caught up from the end of my pregnancy.

Our picture this year...well let's just say I am obsessed with how great it turned out. Right after our tree was decorated and lit we dressed our little girl in a velvet dress with Christmas adornments and sat her down. We just sat her on the floor, handed her each letter and she did whatever she wanted. It was fun! I bought the letters at Jo-Ann's with one of my % off your total purchase coupons so they were relatively cheap. Plus, I am now planning on turning them into a decoration for next year now.

So far our pictures have received rave  reviews and so many people have told me how cute and creative they thought they were.

Just in case I am not on anymore before the 25th (my last doctor's appointment is tomorrow and we start discussing eviction of the little one!)from my family to yours I wish you a Merry Christmas!


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