Monday, December 12, 2011

My Christmas mantle

Growing up we didn't have a fireplace in our house. But, we never wondered how Santa got in either so my parents never had to worry about answering that question!

For most of my life we just each hung our Christmas stocking in our bedroom. When I was in college my mom found a stocking hanger that had five hooks on it-exactly the number in our family at the time-that you hung on the wall and we finally had a 'place' for our stockings.

When I married my husband I was very excited that his house had a fireplace. It was a beautiful brick fireplace, albeit gas and in the basement but I was happy nonetheless.

We had the standard red/white store bought stockings for the loooooongest time growing up. As we got older we were all gifted with special stockings at one point or another and they still hang in my parents house every year along with new ones for our spouses and children. Yes, Santa fills our stockings there too :)

I was very excited to start a new tradition in my own little family for our daughter's first Christmas. I made a stocking for each of us and next year the new baby will have their own too!

I simply used a store bought stocking and made my pattern out of newspaper by tracing the stocking. These are two layers and we each chose the fabric for our stockings. Well, my husband and I picked out the little princesses but I am sure she'll love it! The inside of the stocking is lined with one fabric and it matches the letter (attached via heat n' bond) on the outside of the stocking and the hanger. Easy peasy and hopefully they will be treasured for years to come.


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