Monday, August 15, 2011

Fall is on the way...

and I have spent most of the summer not updating my blog :)

To be totally honest though I haven't done that much crafting. I've been vacationing and getting ready for a baby and dealing with a whole bunch of little complications with this pregnancy while chasing after a toddler who seems to be growing up SO fast. I have done a few things to get back on the bandwagon recently but dont' have pictures of them yet. Or, the project is still in progress and thus unfinished.

I am spending time with my mom this week to help her out. She had surgery last week and can't do much on her own. We have the windows open today! The weather is sunny but we have a great cool, crisp breeze blowing through. It's a big difference from the chilly, wet weather we had yesterday. It really is starting to feel like fall is on the way :) I love fall; it's my favorite time of year. I go all out and decorate my whole house and do all sorts of fall related things.

I always hate finding a project I would like to make two weeks (or less) before the holiday actually gets here. I'm lucky if I can find the time to get the supplies together much less get it done in time. So, I am jumping the gun with this one because I am excited about the change of season approaching :) I made this last year and it was able to hang on my door from September until I took it down at Thanksgiving to put a Christmas decoration up.

This is entirely a dollar store project. I got the wreath form, the leaves, the fall floral pics and the Harvest sign all at dollar tree. For $4  and my handy glue gun I had a cute piece of decor.

I can't wait to start hanging this stuff around the house and showing off my Halloween decor too!


Karen said...

Very cute and love that you made it so cheap! Great job:)

MrsSmith said...

I love being able to put together cute things from the dollar store! But I have to ask, where do you live that you got "chilly" and "cool" weather 2 days in a row? LOL

Online Furniture Stores Glendale said...

I love fall! I'm so happy that it is almost here... can't wait for all the decorations :D

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