Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Hair Bows

I decided to blog about this one while watching my nieces and my daughter all lay together and watch TV today. They are all sporting hair accessories made by moi.

I love making hair bows. I wish I could figure out how to sell the meantime though my daughter and every other little girl I know has a HUGE stash of hair apparel to choose from for any occasion.

They all looked so cute this morning and it made me smile knowing they looked so cute because of something I made :) (please excuse the fact that two of the bows are in uside down-evidently my sister doesn't care about things like that!)

Valentine Door Decor

Ok, so I am cutting this really close. I was going to blog about this weeks ago but this mom of two thing still gets the best of me sometimes :)

Anyhow, just stash this away for next year. It would be fitting since I made this last year and it took me a year to post about it.

I found this online somewhere and I swear saved the link to it but can't find it anywhere. So, I do not take credit for this one. Someone else thought it up and I followed their instructions. I just can't give them the proper credit. Sorry, I'll keep looking for the blog....

In the meantime here is my door 'wreath' for the month of February.
I cut the letters out of an old diaper box first. You just need any thick cardboard but I have an overabundance of diaper boxes usually. I cut strips of red felt and ruffled them with my sewing machine and then hot glued them onto the cardboard. The heart I painted red first since you would be able to see it through the moss-which I bought at Dollar Tree. I glued all the pieces to a long piece of ribbon that I also got at Dollar Tree. The hanger is made from a piece of ribbon that I had laying around. All in all this was a very inexpensive project.

Plus it looks great :)